Let me give you a background story to this picture inserted in the post: it was taken after some short minutes after a period of turbulence on a flight

While it lasted, everyone had to stay strapped in, refreshments could not be served, no one could use the restrooms
Some shut their eyes, pretending to be asleep and waited with bated breath for the storm to pass.

But, one profound thing was this: the pilot did not, well, he COULD NOT stop the plane on account of the turbulence.
What did he do?
He continued moving
Through the turbulence, through the dark clouds, he just kept moving
Eventually, the storm ran out of rain.

Look how bright the skies became
Look how beautiful the clouds were
All because the pilot kept moving…
You see whatever storm you are facing now, eh?
It will run out of rain!
Scratch that, it MUST run out of rain

Trust the One who guides you, follow His leading
Don’t freeze in fear, keep moving
Don’t give in, beyond those dark clouds, the horizon ahead is serene, blissful, and beautiful
Keep moving, keep doing your thing…
Keep trusting Him
The storm won’t last forever
Don’t put your life on pause while waiting for things to get better, keep moving
Listen for God’s guidance
When He leads, move..
The storm will run out of rain

“Don’t sit there watching the wind. Do your own work. Don’t stare at the clouds. Get on with your life…” Ecclesiastes 11:4 MSG