A few days to my last birthday I was inspired to do something different.
I wrote a letter to my younger self.
I was curious to hear what this version of me had to say to the younger version. What started as a simple activity ended with my mind going places I never imagined.
I reflected on places I had been, things I had done, things I hadn’t done.
Opportunities I passed up because I felt fear or thought maybe I wasn’t ready to handle them. I remembered sticking with people and situations I felt uncomfortable with just because I didn’t want to offend them. I remembered toxic relationships that lasted longer than they should have, because I allowed them and made excuses, afraid to walk away, wondering if I would get better options.

There was this one relationship that was so draining, I literally became a shadow of myself but I stayed on, thinking I was in love, thinking we were in love, thinking he was the best thing for me. Yet, everyday I woke up, I knew he was wrong for me. He and I had no business being together. As this version of me spoke to my 23 year old self, I wondered why I stayed in it longer than I should have. I remember asking God to give me another chance, to save me from the mess I had placed myself in. Why didn’t I walk earlier? I look back now and see how my life got better from the minute I grit my teeth and walked. I couldn’t have known then, but I know now.
Then, I had many points where I was immensely grateful. Grateful for the grace that had carried me all these years, grateful for His love. I took stock of my life, where I had been and where I was now.

Are you living today a life you would be glad to look back on 10 years from now?
Would you live differently than you have if time went back a few years?
You know when the bible says, we “can do all things through Christ who energizes us” (Phil 4:13)
It means we don’t have to wait for 10 years from now to wish we did the things we ought to be doing today.

Today is a good day to take stock of your life.
What are those cycles you need to break?
Who do you need to take a break from?
Who do you need to network with?
Who do you need to submit yourself to so you can develop your skills?
What one step do you need to take today to get you closer to what God called you to do?
It is not enough to sit wishing your life would get better, take the first step.
Be honest with yourself about where you are.
Be honest about where you want to be. Your dream is unique to you.

Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, you are uniquely you.
Creation is waiting for the precious gift you carry; God placed you here for a purpose.
Someone, somewhere is praying for what you carry.
There are things God has gifted you to do uniquely.
Look at the larger picture and split it into small achievable tasks.
Then allocate each of those smaller tasks into your daily routine.
Give yourself time, be consistent, be bold, confident that He is with you.
Don’t hold back any longer.
Will you take that first step today?

 “There is freedom waiting for you, on the breezes of the sky. And you ask, “What if I fall?” Oh, but my darling, “What if you fly?” – Erin Hanson