I have had this song by Moses Bliss playing in my head since yesterday. I woke up with it playing… I played it on my way to work. It has just been all over the place in my head.

In a world of so many voices | Lord I will trust in your precious word
In a  world where everyone is talking | Lord I delight in your precious word
It’s only you that matters | It’s only you that makes sense
It doesn’t matter what the world says, it’s only you I live for

It made particular sense to me, today. I bumped into an associate I haven’t seen in a while. Married for about 10 years and trying hard to conceive. I asked her how she was getting on with trying to conceive. With tears in her eyes she explained how difficult a time it was. Her husband was tired. She was tired. She had tried many medical procedures and was scheduled for another one. Behind her face mask, she blinked away the tears and swallowed the lump in her throat.
I felt her pain. 9 years. 108 regular periods. 108 months of waiting hopefully after each intercourse and still getting that visit from Aunt Flo. Wringing her hands hoping it was implantation bleeding and watching in indescribable pain as the spotting turned to a full blown menstrual period. 

As we parted, something dropped in my spirit. I looked her square in the face and I said softly to her, “Don’t cut corners. The devil has no free gift. If you go to him for something, you’re going to keep your part of the agreement. If you go to him for a child, be sure he’s going to come back for something later”
She looked at me as if she’d seen a ghost. “How did you know? That is exactly what I am facing right now”
She described to me how a “friend” had advised her to sleep with some man outside her marriage in the hopes of conceiving!
Another “friend” had told her, “Girl, this is Africa, any woman who hasn’t conceived is slow and without excuse.”
This friend proceeded to take her to some enclave where some fetish rites were to be performed on her so she could get pregnant. She was petrified by the darkness she saw there. She didn’t tell me if she went ahead or if she didn’t. I didn’t ask…

She was in a very vulnerable place, and in her very vulnerable state, the voices had come.
The voices are everywhere, uninvited sometimes, but there. Everyone is talking. 
No? Just click on your web browser. Don’t even go to the social media pages yet, on the home page you’re going to see so many suggestions.There’s an opinion out there for any single thing you want to do.

You’ll probably find a google solution for how to plant a watermelon seed and harvest a baby or how to go to Mars with a scooter. By jove, I am sure someone has come up with a solution for how to eat your cake and still have it on your plate! There are suggestions for literally e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g, ways out of every predicament.
And when you X-ray some of the suggestions with the Word, some things don’t just align.

Sometimes, it gets concerning.
But, you know what? God wasn’t concerned about these times. He knew these times would come
So, He gave us His word; His word to be our compass, to be our guide in these times.
But, what do a lot of us do?
We magnify self help books, we magnify all the motivational speeches above God’s word.
The Bible, the word of God, looks old fashioned. 
The self help teacher who wrote the best selling books sounds like she knows what she’s talking about
She’s been there, she’s done it all, she’s got the Tshirt.
She has all the things we appear to be looking for. So, we prefer to listen to her. After all, she has a lot of money, her business is growing, she appears to be happy doing all the things you know to be wrong. After all, though she cut corners she still came out fine. It must be okay to do things that way.
If only we knew that the end doesn’t always justify the means.
The creator of the universe, the one who made the planets, the whole universe, the plants
The One who knows how liquid sperm grew in the woman’s womb to become a baby with bones, eyes and teeth
The One who made all the rocks and vast oceans, the One who said let there be light and light became
The One who holds it all together, left you a Book
But, it sits in the bookshelf dusty while all the other books by limited people adorn your bedside, dog-eared from hours and hours of reading marking and re-reading.

Go back to the Word!
Opinions change. Voices change. People change. Times and seasons change.
But you know His word? It has lasted many generations, it will last forever.
I am speaking to you, Yes Y-O-U reading this right now.
The solution to the mess you are in right now isn’t what you are being told. Find it in the Word.
And the Word has power. It has in it the ability to get you out of sin, it has in it the power to break every chain, it has in it the power to set your child free from that addiction, to realign her priorities, it has the power to heal your body, it has the power to get you pregnant, it has the power to heal and deliver you. 
It has the power to break that addiction. You feel like a mess deep down inside but you tell everyone I love the life I am living. But you and I know it’s not true. You miss your former life. Get to the word, let the pages of the book come alive to you. Receive the strength you need. The word of God is living and active!
It is a new day, commit to reading the Word of God more than you ever have. In a world of many voices, make a firm decision today to rely and depend on His Word. It is reliable.

As we fill our minds with the truth of God’s Word, we will be better able to recognize the lies in our own thinking, as well as the lies that the world presses upon us. – Unknown